Hosted Mainframe Dry Run #1 - 6:00 AM Update

Good morning!

It is 6:00 AM, and the IBM Operations Team is still in the process of bringing up all of the LPARs in the Boulder system.  At this time none of the subsystems are up.

A RACF security error is being worked on, and validating the ability to utilize Production IP addresses is currently being done, as well.

FTP and CyberFusion were both disabled for this Dry Run, and there was an issue discovered with SSH, that should not have an impact on this Dry Run.

Currently, the agency representative from ADOT is on site at the Command Center, as is the agency representative from AHCCCS.

We are still looking to begin agency testing as of 6:30 AM, but I will be making an announcement on the Agency Conference Bridge as to the reliability of this time.

Again, the Agency Conference Bridge number is 1-877-820-7831, Participant Passcode - 410516#.

Thank you.