Update on MVRRS Application Down

We are experiencing issues with the AZ.gov - Motor Vehicle Records Request (MVRRS) Application and have our Vendor working on a resolution.


- B&D Vendor engaged at 8:53AM. 

- B&D implemented a splash screen at: 9:20 AM (https://az.gov/app/mvrrs/start.do;jsessionid=D3D2624B22248446F59F5C15447...)

- MVRRS Customers have been notifed by ADOT EDS team at: 9:29 AM. 

- We found that the "Mainframe lost communication with the access the MVRRS application" at 10:04 AM

- B&D has provided the Error logs to ADOT ITG at 10:05 AM

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will be poviding another update in 30 minutes at 10:33 AM. 

Please reference ticket number: Incident 52116.